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Martin Stott

Fund for the Environment & Urban Life

Fund for the Environment & Urban Life logo

Fund for the Environment & Urban Life logo

The Fund for the Environment and Urban Life is a Foundation based in Englewood, NJ.

It has supported a number of initiatives in the UK over the past five years, including:


and is currently supporting

which is  campaigning to get the Government to adopt a system of tax deductible  fares on public transport for employees to encourage ridership and reduce congestion. The campaign has the support of both London Mayor Boris Johnson and the Daily Mail.

The Funds biggest grant and arguably its biggest success, has been the Story of Stuff. The UK edition of the book of ‘The Story of Stuff’ was published in May 2010 by Constable and Robinson.

As UK Advisory Board member I am consulted at an early stage by the Chair and Executive Director about applications from the UK, as well as participating in the decision-making process for all the applications which come to the Advisory Board. The Board conducts  most of its business ‘virtually’ and meets  for an annual strategy gathering. Take a look at the website and contact me if you wish to follow anything up.