Saving water, making mead

Posted on October 16, 2013

A 1,000 litre  water container was  delivered by Haynes of Challow  to the Barracks Lane Community Garden  in Cowley recently. All part of the community garden’s practice of  promoting sustainability by storing the rain water harvest. Upon inspection it  turned out that its original purpose had been the import of honey and  that about 35 litres was still left in the bottom. What a find! And what an opportunity.

It didn’t take long to hatch the idea of a  mead-making workshop  using this unexpected bounty. Fifteen people turned up on 5 October for a day long workshop  run by permaculture expert Phil and local beekeeper Garry and those with demi-johns were able to take away some of the resulting liquid.  So… cheers to the future rainwater harvest and cheers to the happy accident of so much lovely  free honey being put to such an appropriately seasonal use.

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