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Martin has been trying to know his street for over 30 years. He’s poised between the objective recorder and the long term neighbour. He’s photographing his place with a curiosity and attention that comes from loving it. But he knows that streets are changing and that neighbourhoods are best not taken for granted.

Prof Alexandra Harris,  author ‘Romantic Moderns’

Congratulations on a great exhibition of portraits. Beautiful images with intriguing visual juxtapositions and really interesting and moving stories behind them. Thanks for this enriching experience.

Catherine Whistler, Keeper of Western Art, Ashmolean Museum

How wonderful to have documented almost everyone living in Divinity Road and what a sense of the community the exhibition provides. This body of work is important now and will only grow in its importance with time. Congratulations.

Wendy Aldiss, Photographer

A wonderful archive…. one of the things [future] urban historians and sociologists will look on with glee.

Prof Nancy Holman, London School of Economics

I love this project because its such a real snapshot of Oxford itself that isnt the ‘dreaming spires’ sterotype.

Esther Lafferty, Diretor Oxfordshre Artweeks

WOW it is a great project and highly revealing. I wonder if each set of people would like to write a one sentence description of ‘who they are’? I suggest this because I found myself asking for more information on each photo! I think you are on to something here.

Bill Heine, Broadcaster

Do keep up this excellent work. It’s a fine collection of faces and attitudes. I recognise many, but it’s surprising to look at quite a few that I don’t. Secret lives in Divinity Road? It proves that you can  live near the centre of a city and still quietly remain almost anonymous.

Kevin Ireland, Poet

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