Chateau Whirlow

Posted on June 4, 2013

A day in Sheffield visiting the Whirlow Hall City Farm  on behalf of the Barracks Lane Community Garden, along with fellow trustee Debbie. Barracks Lane is quite tiny (about 100 x 200 metres on  the site of some old council garages in Cowley) and a day at Whirlow reinforced that sense. High up on the moors on the edge of the city it covers 138 acres  is a working farm with pigs, sheep , cows and chickens, an extensive educational programme  and everything from outdoor horticulture to hydroponic strawberries, an orchard and vineyard. Perfect weather gave the place an almost  holiday feel an the excitement of coachloads of local school children heightened that sense. After lunch in the cafe  we got taken up the hill behind the farm house to see the vineyard. Planted in 2011 there are 2,900 vines and at 850 ft,  it is the highest vineyard in England.  Who knows, perhaps the  the steel city is about to become the home of a great British vintage wine?

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