'We Are Divinity Road' Photo Project

Categories: During pandemic, Long-term residents, Street scene, Students

A street in a global pandemic

This section takes a look at life under lockdown on the street. There have been many responses to COVID19; the creation of an active street support network; the Spring 2020 weekly 'clap for carers' events on Thursday evenings; reclaiming the street from motor vehicles; a proliferation of posters, drawings and other artwork in windows, on the pavement, and in doorways; individual reactions to the perceived dangers in the wearing of masks and other protective gear - and its disposal; the measures the local Co-op shop has taken to protect its staff and customers; DIY projects undertaken during lockdown, ranging from re-turfing a back lawn to the construction of a home office; an outdoor socially distanced bake-sale - in December 2020, and the invisibility of so many confined indoors. Household portraits ('doortraits' in many cases) pick up on the theme too. All those from 79 onward were taken during the pandemic and provide another perspective on this traumatic time.

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