City Fields, Country Gardens: allotment essays

Edited by Martin Stott and David Crouch and illustrated by Martin Stott
Five Leaves Press, 1998

City fields, country gardens
City fields, country gardens

This is a collection of Michael Hyde’s articles on allotments that appeared almost every Saturday in The Guardian newspaper between 1968 and 1993.

Sadly it is now out of print. After a conversation with them where they realised that they didn’t have a copy, I donated the final copy to The Guardian’s archives in January 2012.


… gathers together 66 of Michael’s columns and uses many of Martin Stott’s allotment photographs … For defenders of the right of access to land as well as to armchair gardeners, this little book is a delight
Colin Ward, Freedom

A generosity of spirit informs all the pages of this book

…its a collection of essays [about] issues of land rights relating to allotments, compared to international examples of community gardening and land reclaimation. Mouth watering stuff!       The Land is Ours Newsletter

A treasury of soil tilling …
This England