Spilling the Beans: a style guide to the new age

by Martin Stott
Harper Collins, 1986

Spilling the Beans
Spilling the Beans

This is probably my best known book. In fact there are four words cited in the Oxford English Dictionary identified as ‘first use’  in the book.  It is out of print but available through Abe Books.

It still gets affectionate coverage. Here is a piece by a fan  posted on their blog in May 2012.


… a send up in sandals
Daily Express

… very amusing
Richard Baker, ‘Start the Week’, Radio 4

… like all good funny books it does have a side prompting earnest thought
Oxford Mail

… a fascinating guide
Dan Damon, LBC Radio

Heaven knows, there is little literary humour on Aquarian bookshelves, so this offering is to be welcomed.

… a very old fashioned little book about a very old fashioned group…. they’re the leftovers after we’ve cut out all the other Lifestyle paper dolls…
Peter York, Daily Mail

..never was the grow-your-own-organic-Deux-Chevaux lifestyle sent up more thoroughly..

The Scotsman